Keeping quite busy

Just a small update to keep this site “current”.

Starting in June, I was officially made a staff artist at my studio.

I have really enjoyed the two and a half years so far that I have been working on shows here, and look forward to continuing to work on some really fun shows, creating some fun and challenging shots that the viewing public will enjoy, and hopefully not realize that I had touched them at all.

Completely unrelated, I think I neglected to include a link on this site to a write-up that was done on me for the official blog of my alma mater Full Sail.

It was a nice write-up that was done based on a nice phone interview I did on my lunch break at the end of last year.

Finally Updating the Site

Well it has been well over a year since my last post.

Again I am apparently really bad about keeping information flowing here, but I am still keeping exceedingly busy with other things. So in the grand scheme of things, I would rather neglect this side due to an overabundance of things to do.

First things first, I am keeping quite busy at my current gig at Encore Hollywood. Without going into to many details, I have now been there for coming up on 2 years straight, a pretty decent run as a freelancer. I am continuing to contribute to some really fun projects, and learning new things as we approach new challenges with each show.

I have tried in my small downtime to keep my footage libraries updated with some of the large projects that I am able to work on. And while I have neglected this site, I have been updating the videos on my hosting site of Vimeo, and for those interested I have setup a Channel/Page there that consolidate the more interesting.

I am just now taking a few days to relax and clean the apartment, then back to work for the foreseeable future. On a whim, while making sure my websites software was updated, I decided to modify the design to better make use of new bits and pieces that are available. May tinker with it further but for now it is functional, and that is all that really matters, for a site that really does get no real traffic in the grand scale of the internet as a whole.


Another few months have passed

Well not quite as long as my last break, and I am still working. So somewhat continuing to break the pattern.

I have been steadily busy at my current gig, working on a large number of projects, that has allowed me to really improve my skills, and develop into a better compositor. I have to think this is in no small part due to the great team of artist that I am surrounded with, it is a great feeling to be able to bounce ideas and collaborate with others working on the same things that you are, dealing with the same issues.

On a whim after the Oscars a few months back, I took it upon myself to update my Demo Reel, this is now posted here on the site to look at. It may get refined further, this is not really meant for me to go out and hunt for work, but rather to keep myself updated, and not let things get to far behind in my personal archive of things I’ve worked on.

I really should post more

I realized yesterday that I had been neglecting to post on my site for a while. It seems to be my pattern.

I will wrap up a project that has been monopolizing my time, update my reel nd such and when posting it online make a comment on what has been keeping me busy this last bit of time. Invariably, within a week or so I am back at work at somewhere new, diving into a new project that takes up all my time.

As someone who has been working as a freelance artist for the last 5 years this is actually quite nice. I ave managed to find myself in the position where my work, and I would hope personality, have allowed me to not have to seriously worry about where my next gig might be coming from, aside from the normal production cycle rollercoaster.

This post I decided would try to break that pattern.

I am currently keeping myself quite busy at my current project. Working with a great team of people on numerous television shows at once, which makes for some interesting variety of shots and deadlines.

I had a decent break before this gig started, a few weeks of decompression, and catching up on reading. Followed by an interesting interview process with ILM, that made me feel quite flattered that they were even looking at my work as something worth considering. It obviously didn’t pan out, but it let the door open for the future, and this is almost as good in the long term.

I’m about to head back east at the end of the week, for my annual that Thanksgiving week of catching up with family and friends. And then its back to work on my various projects.

Enjoying my Downtime & Recent Work

So it has been a while again since my last post, something like half a year this time.

The one comforting thing is that if I have that much of a gap between posts, it is most likely due to the fact that  I am keeping myself so busy with work, that I neither have the time, or the recollection that I might want to.

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