Another few months have passed

Well not quite as long as my last break, and I am still working. So somewhat continuing to break the pattern.

I have been steadily busy at my current gig, working on a large number of projects, that has allowed me to really improve my skills, and develop into a better compositor. I have to think this is in no small part due to the great team of artist that I am surrounded with, it is a great feeling to be able to bounce ideas and collaborate with others working on the same things that you are, dealing with the same issues.

On a whim after the Oscars a few months back, I took it upon myself to update my Demo Reel, this is now posted here on the site to look at. It may get refined further, this is not really meant for me to go out and hunt for work, but rather to keep myself updated, and not let things get to far behind in my personal archive of things I’ve worked on.

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