Back again

Well that was a great ride.

I just today once again wrapped up work at Look FX, and bid a sad farewell to everyone there, with the hope to be seeing them again shortly.

After some hectic weeks bouncing from Black Swan, a great looking Daren Arnofsky project that seems to be reviewing quite well on the festival circuit,  to a new Kate Hudson project, to once more pitching in on the new season of Bones. It has been a busy few months.

While I would not be adverse to enjoying a week or two of downtime, I am jumping right back on the merry-go-round, and hitting up leads that I have developed over my time, to see what might be developing out there.

Not to say that I won’t be enjoying what downtime I do happen to get. A bit more time to get out and exercise is never a bad thing. The one real down side of a great job, is that the majority of it is spent in front of a monitor during the day, not the most conducive to an active healthy lifestyle.

Updates with news as it happens.

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