Been a bit.

Right, it’s been a little while since my last post, in the mean time, my attempt at a sub-site with commentary/review didn’t pan out. So that is now falling by the wayside of discarded ideas.

However my slow work on character/setting design is ongoing, not as fast as I would like for a tangible result, but for my projects that I pickup, it has at least moved past the conceptual stage into something that is now evolved into a piece of work I touch on a little each day.

On the work front, things are progressing relatively well, I have had a few interesting contacts that keep me encouraged that my work level is still good, any stretch of time without work I think whittles down at your self-confidence pretty solidly. I have one or two solid leads that I am awaiting call backs on, that I have high hopes pan out, and will give me something interesting and challenging to work on in the near future.

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