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Examples of my digital 3d work.

Character Design Tweaks

I have been slowly re-working my character designs to streamline the polygon layouts for shape and deformation as well as to clean up the overall shape to get it closer to my 2d concept sketches. I am also working on tweaking my designs for the other body types, which I have not yet been happy with my attempts at. The… Read more →

Realizing the Never-Ending Battle

Throughout time we have lived alongside an endless struggle,
one that we only know of when it pokes through into our daily lives.

Pirates and Ninjas have fought all through the ages,
always trying to out maneuver the other to victory, but never quite getting there.
Some of these clashes have spread so far as to influence normal culture;
Mad Magazines Spy vs Spy, the Vietnam Conflict, and many more.

But even these two clashing powers
would eventually come upon a force so vast and dark,
that even they would be forced to work together when the time came to prevail.
This force would become known in the normal world as Accountants.

They realized that their eternal war would have to be placed on hold for a time,
for it there was nothing left in the world, then their struggle would be pointless.
They could continue on as be

So now the struggle carries on, day by day, year by year.
But whenever the evil force rears its head they will put aside their enmity
and face it together on common ground.

Taking allot of concepts and melding them together, I have come up with this story that would integrate a few of my side projects into a nice centerpiece.

The idea is to take a realistic toy pirate ship, and film it, both in the water and out, allowing for some good base footage. Which would then be integrated into footage of the open ocean. giving the full setting a nice look.

From there I would animate the character that I have been developing with three separate costumes (Pirate, Ninja, Accountant) which would be acting on a stand-in ship geometry to capture shadows correctly and facilitate movement.

Computer Generated characters would then be inserted onto the Live Action footage previously composited together of the ship. VFX elements of wind blown fabric, cannon blasts, water hitting sides of ships, would be added in as a mixture of CG particle effects and live action stock.

The end result would be an entertaining short that would show off not only my skills as a compositor, the main effort, but also the skills of a group project. I realistically know this project is to large to take on myself and have the end result be of the quality I hope. My personal animation skills are not where I would want them to be, as well as the VFX and Rigging techniques, they are just areas that while I am knowledgeable of how and why, the practice has not gone into those aspects of the craft, so I will be enlisting the aid of fellow alumni and friends in those specific fields willing to assist.

Here I will show off the first stage, Pre-production, on a project like this it is the most important part, if one is to have people working on different aspects, they have to know how it will all fit together.

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