Character Design & Implementation

Continuing from my experimentation with Motion Capture data, I took the base character design that I had, and took it a step further.

From the beginning of the concept design phase, there was a large integration between the 2d and 3d aspects of the project, the idea that I would have a viable 2-dimensional design, that would with little effort transition to a 3-dimensional medium, allowing for cross medium usage.

Or to put it more plainly I was hoping to be able draw cartoons using the characters, and then allow them to be animated in full 3d with out effort.

I took the base forms for a Male and Female version and went a step or two further, after my first attempt with Cyclops.

Character Design Alpha Pass from Seth Brower and Vimeo.

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I felt that by expanding the lineup to include more variation I would be able to greater represent a variety of characters. Keeping to the basis of a superhero/cartoon world, I took this to include a small child, for teenage sidekicks and such, a variant on the male form for a more streamlined athletic visual, and what every variation needs a monkey. You can’t go anywhere without a monkey.

Still on the to do list is a hulking brute variant, something to visualize the larger than life characters that tend to crop up every now and again.

From there I did a nice version of what some consider an archtype of superheros, Captain America.


Character Design Beta Pass from Seth Brower and Vimeo.

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