Dragon Field

Dragon Field from Seth Brower and Vimeo.

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My first attempt at a Digital Matte, this piece was the centerpiece of my first Reel. And while it still looks good, I can see where I can improve for future pieces.

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In this early version you can see what I was working with, there were no live action elements, and to compensate, I had taken roto-shapes, and motion paths to the extreme to make up for it. Breathing deer, head bobbing kimodo dragons, it was all an attempt to make up for time constraints.

However when I got a chance to go back to it, I was able to bring it up to the level it ended up at. Replacing all still footage of creatures with live footage, either Keyed or Roto’d into the scene.

The overall flow of the piece improved dramatically and the overall look was one of a setting much more vibrant and alive than what I started with.

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