Fall 2010 Show Reel w/ Breakdowns

This is my updated Show Reel, showcasing some of the shots that I have been lucky enough to have worked on recently and in the past.

Look FX, was kind enough to provide me with some of the breakdowns that were put together for studio use, that happened to also be on shots that I had worked on, So I am now able to have breakdowns of some of my professional shots.

My most recent project to complete, that has footage that I am able to show from, was work on the final season of Lost, where among other things I worked on most of the Smoke Monster shots throughout the season.

Airing at the same time, was work I had contributed to the HBO mini-series The Pacific (which went on to win the VFX Emmy).

While recently I have been working in the fast paced Episodic Television arena, I have also worked on the more traditional long form Features, included are hightlights of some of the work I did for The Mummy 3 & The Golden Compass (which also went on to be honored with the VFX Oscar)

*Note, there is one shot that is currently not matching in quality to the others, I am uploading this on Sunday and should have a new version with clean footage up on Monday.

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