Long Weekend

It was a nice long weekend, due to the President’s Day holiday.

I spent most of it doing errands and apartment cleaning, but that was good busy work that didn’t allow for me to get to distracted.

Again I tried playing some computer games, as a nice enjoyable distraction from artwork, but ran into the bane of the PC gaming industry, Driver Errors, and slinked back to the console in defeat. I will keep trying to tweak my machine so that I can play my games with out system freezing crashes, but that is the joy of the Frankenstein home built system.

After reading a few books, and catching up on a backlog of old live action & cartoon television shows, I am again inspired to work on some of my character design work, partially cheating as a start and adapting the “well known” characters that will allow me to try and adapt my simple style to these known looks.

Good Example of what I am looking at doing, though not as numerous to start with.


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