Mansion on the Hill

Mansion on the Hill from Seth Brower and Vimeo.


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Another pass at Digital Matte work, this had a greater vision than the first one.

The first was a self-contained piece, something that you could look at and take in. With this piece I was working from the angle of a background plate, something that would be seen outside a window, or in the back of a scene.

The scope was going to be bigger, more area to cover to allow for more variation in its use. To that effect I went out and got some of the largest source material that I could find resolution wise, my images were massive, and I payed for it. In the end the processing power on my machine would take almost 30 seconds just to select a node to edit with as it had to recalculate so much of the history.

That aside, I was very happy with the way that it turned out, the integration of so many elements flowed well. The overall look was cohesive and the effect was solid.

Again given time, there are things that I would add, there is not quite enough life for my liking, depending on the use, I would want to add some form of watercraft on the water to add to the interactivity of it. But overall I am pleased.

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