Motion Capture Data Integration

As a project, I designed cartoon characters from scratch, for latter integration into existing properties.

This was done from the bottom up in 3d Studio Max, which allowed me to make use of the Character Studio integration of tools. I had made this to allow me to learn the basics about motion capture, and how it could be applied in animations.

The creation was made to deform relatively well without much tweaking of the base mesh when needed.

MoCap Design 1MoCap Design 2MoCap Design 3

MoCap Design 5MoCap Design 4MoCap Design 6

After integration of motion capture data, I placed the two characters on a city block setpiece that I had in my archive. This allowed me to make the setting and animation flow better. The animation is a little floaty, but I didn’t really make any hard tweaks to the mocap data. As an exersize in date integration, this came out really well.



Motion Capture Integraion from Seth Brower and Vimeo.

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