Movement Inside the Photo of a Castle

Driving through the mountains and hills of New England over the years, I was astonished to find what appeared to be a completely authentic medieval castle in the middle of a town.

After some research, I was able to discover that this was a castle that had been transplanted in the past, and in recent years been used as a private middle/high school. After gaining permission to enter the school grounds, I took a large amount of photo reference of the building, and went to work.

The idea is to take these reference photos, and make a 3d projection based of it. I will take one of the base images, and model out the geometry behind the image, and project it into the image. Allowing me to insert video footage of someone walking up the path and opening the door, while the camera shifts, this all off the photograph itself.

Here is a rough photoshop composite that I pieced together using photos taken from the back of the castle, I haven’t completely decided whether to use the front or the back, as both have features that make it interesting from a visual standpoint, but it’s a start.

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