Mummy 3 Report

Just got back from seeing Mummy 3, and it was an enjoyable watch.

Overall I think it was fun, some of the dialogue was stilted, and the camera work was really fast in places. But they had a lot of ground to cover and I think it came across well.

The VFX looked good, there were a few places that bugged be a little, but it tends to be that way when you have seen it all the way through, things pop out to you that wont to almost anyone else.

Once again it was great to see my work up on the big screen. In the end it looks like there was a serious tightness of spaces for credits, from R&H compositors there were only about 14 or so listed, where there were definately more than that, me included. Saw one or two names of those I worked with, and that is enjoyable in itself.

All in all, great work everyone that worked on it, it definately showed through in the end.

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