Poem #60

The search and the hunt drive us along
We seek and seek for what we don’t know
We know it completes us
We know it achieves
We know it is out there
We always believe
We aim for a goal

The hunt and the search changes with time
We form with the thought
We lose it at birth
We grow with it missing
We know what its worth
We yearn for a part
We live with the search

Knowing the search is all that we know
We look while we live
While we travel along
We never may know it but its there all along
In the background of everything
In all that we do
We always are searching
It never is you

Achieving the goal
Reaching an end
Knowing the truth
Knowing of ken
We learn what we must as we travel along
We learn what we will on hearing the song
We leave with the truth
The truth most unkind
The search at long last has left us alone
Along with our thoughts
Alone on our own

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