Relaxing weekend

So the weekend was nice and now I am back at work.

Managed to get all my errands done; hair cut, laundry done and put away, apartment cleaned up. This left me with time to relax that felt like earned down time, rather than just laying about. A nice feeling to have overall.

Sat down and played a few games, picked up Lego StarWars again from the beginning, such a great fun game for relaxing. Definitely the completionest’s dream, after completing all 6 missions in each of the three original movies, I am still bellow 50% completed. Gotta love unlocking and exploring for hidden extras.

I tried Gears of War for the first time, this game has been out for some time now, and almost everyone agreed that it was almost a required game to have. I gave it a shot and can definately see where this reputation came from, it is full of polish in its presentation. Not much by way of character development or story, but what it is, is fun and a joy to look at. Truly a popcorn flick of games.

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