Right, there is that Internet thing.

Well it has been a long time, and the lack of updates is entirely my fault.

I’ve had a busy year.

After wrapping up my work at Scoundrel I rolled almost immediately over to the relatively new Burbank studio of Pixomondo, a company that does a pretty large cross-section of film & tv. I was brought on primarily to work on the pilot hour of Terra Nova. And while I also pitched in on another pilot and episodes of Hawaii Five-0, my primary focus was largely almost all of the snazzy hightech interactive controls and displays that were seen.

This was a great experience, meeting some new people and learning some new tricks. The pace was fast and challenging but rewarding in the end.

I rolled off of that project, with maby a day or two off, right back to Look FX to jump in head first on Captain America.

Look had landed a few sequences that were made up of almost all hero shots of montages. This was a great way to back at the studio, making progress on some fun and shots.

Once this delivered, I rolled right over to work on The Muppets. As a kid growing up the Muppets were a formative part of my life, so to be able to work in any capacity let alone the volume that I ended up doing really made my year.

The push to deliver shots took me thought most of the year, and kept me quite busy. Though right after it delivered I was once more rolling right on to the next thing, Underworld 4, and getting stereo shots out out for Comic-con. All throughout pitching in on various other in house projects.

And that’s where I am now, heading towards the end of the year, a trip back home for Thanksgiving and delivery approaching from my most recent project.

Outside of work I have been, when time allows, hanging out with my friends over at Downinfront.net a great podcast that discusses movies and puts out commentary podcast on some great and not so great films. Once I realized that I was local to the recording, and shared so many interests with the crew, I’ve gotten to know them and have a great time sitting in on the tapings.

I will try to make a point of updating soon with some new videos of work I’ve done this year, but till then enjoy life.

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