Slightly updated Demo Reel

With my new site design, as well as coming up on the end of my current project, I thought it wise to update the visuals of my demo reel to bring them in line.

While there are no new shots included in the reel, it now plays better, I feel that I had issues with the encoding of the HD footage for my last version, and has a visual that feels much more welcoming, and ties together well with the look I have put together for all my works.

Any new footage from my current project will not be available for public consumption, till it is available for wide release, in March of 2010. At which point I will be updating with some of the shots that I was fortunate to work on for HBO’s Pacific.

For the immediate future, Vimeo seems to be having slight issues, so it comes up with the color bars as its default static screen, as soon as they get the process resolved, It will be adjusted.

Seth Brower Demo Reel from Seth Brower on Vimeo.

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