Status of my world (Thursday, February 08, 2007)

Well, I’ve started getting called in to substitute teach, not something that I want to do long term, but definitely nicer than any other small job that I could have gotten while I am waiting to hear back from company’s.

Back at my middle-school, which has been renovated so much from the time I was there it is next to unrecognizable. But it’s a nice experience seeing some of the staff that taught me.

I am still waiting to hear back from some of my company’s, but the initial hope is just about gone. I am banking on some of them coming into production cycles shortly, so they will need to ramp up staffing levels, which may help. But I am working on a second list of company’s to get in touch with, and working on contacting Full Sail and seeking out employment as staff. All options are being explored.

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