Summer draws to a close.

Though you wouldn’t know it from the triple digit temperatures the last few days.

My current project is nearing its end, with deadlines coming up, and shots being finaled and delivered. And it has been a great ride, the team that I have been working with these last few months has been truly impressive, getting an incredible workload of shots done in a truly astounding manner. I have managed to learn a few new tricks, and practice and improve upon the skills that I had already developed. Also managing to make a few new friends who actually understand what I am talking about some days.

While this show runs down, I await word on my immediate future. The odd side effect of our industry, working more to the project, than to anythings else, creates some odd employment situations. I do hope to continue my association with this great team, but we shall see. I have learned over the course of my schooling, and work experience, that to stress over things outside of your control, only leads to disaster, and to take your opportunities as they come.

All told, it has been a pretty good year so far, the amazing fact that it is almost September, is quite shocking to me. Once again I seem to have lost all track of when it is, probably due to actually being on a steady work schedule, but largely I’m sure contributed to the static weather pattern over LA. I swear seasons are something that people born here have only heard of.

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