Working on pre-production for a webcomic that will be posted to the site. I have decided that the idea of not doing a blatent rip of some of the top sites out there currently; Penny Arcade, PvP, Megatoyko, means that I run into an issue. My talents run more to bringing what is there out, not coming up with something completely original.

The idea has settled that I would mix what I have together. In the history of Doctor Who there is a large swath of episodes that have been lost to time, the original negatives either destroyed in archive purges or misplaced. As it premiered in an era without personal recorders the only lasting record of them are the separate audio tracks, telesync scripts, and assorted photos taken on set.

With access to these things, I am going to attempt to recreate these classic and lost stories in a visual medium, something that all can enjoy.

I will move on to character pre-production for major characters, and some extras to use through the run. I wanted to initaly go through and see what I am going to work with. These two are the base layouts, which will have the rows mixed and matched as I need them.

Overall the 4-grid will be utilized with slower more sedate pased sequences, allowing room for dialog to shine. The 5-grid will allow for slightly more fast paced sequences.


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