Things are going well

Well things are going well, coincidentally the title of the post who would have thought.

Work is progressing, shots can be challenging and fun to work on, with a great team of people that I have managed to learn some good tips & tricks from. Overall I am truly enjoying my time, the ability to work again on a project is not to be understated.

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, the annual event that hopes to draw people in to local comic stores with with obvious free comics, as well as appearances and signings from those in the comic industry. I am fortunate to live nearby Golden Apple Comics, a great store that I just visited for the first time. And they were hosting a few people, the big draw for the non-comic crowd was William Shatner, but I made sure to get in early and avoid most of the rush to see him. For me the draw was instead Kevin Eastman, one of the pair that created a large influence on my young mind, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As I grew up just a few towns over from where the creators & creations were based, it made me feel a bit more connected to them.

He was great, signing just about anything that people had, and trading a few quick stories and being generally a great guy. I had previously got his “Artobiography” an autobiography told mostly in sketch form tracking the growth of TMNT as a comic. He was kind enough to sign my copy, along with the black and white art variant NECA turtle figures that they had for a great price that I picked up.

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