Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Design & Creation

As a class project I was part of a team, working with Christopher Cannon, that was assigned to create a playable multi-player level for Unreal 2004, using the official Unreal Editor program.

The restrictions were placed on us to not use any of the available resources from Epic or any of the others on the Internet. We were to create a wholly original piece of work.

Being around the realise of the best selling Elderscroll : Oblivion game for X-Box and PC, we were hit with the inspiration of visual style. While others in the program were making experimental versions of the Tea Party from Alice and Wonderland with a 50 foot table to run over, or many a version of the classic hallways in the underground, or open floating platforms. We took it upon ourselves to create a medieval village with a river running through it that would allow for a nice setting for a free-for-all of carnage.

Between the two of us, we were able to design the layout, and populate the setting with enough to make it look lived in. The village was filled with various buildings fully modeled and textured, along with crates, barrels, bushes and trees, to fill it out. After the terrain got a good going over we had it, a good looking level that played relatively well frame-rate wise.

After the class, we were awarded a Course Directors award for our efforts, which gave us great satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment in our work.

I am making the level that we designed as it was, available for download so that anyone who wishes may install it and play it.

UT2004 Village Wars

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