UV Mapping a Metroid


Adam has shifted focus away from his modeling for now.
When he shifts back I will see if he needs help again.


There is not much to show for this WIP as of yet, it is a project that is coming to me through a friend. Adam Fatka, is working on a fully modeled and animated, as well as textured and normal mapped, version of the classic video game creature the Metroid. This has been in concept for a while now.

I was contacted by Adam, and asked if I would be able to take some time and UV-map the creature, as it is a skill that while Adam can, he feels I would be able to get a better result for texturing and deformations.

I have gotten the model, and looked at it, and feel that it will work best by breaking up the solid and organic parts as separate areas of the map. So teeth and hard areas are one section, and the dendrites and fleshy areas are another.

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