What I’ve been up to

Well it has been a bit  since I updated folks to what I was doing, and with the weekend upon me, I thought it was about time.

I am greatly enjoying the current airing of “The Pacific” on HBO, my small amount of work in the first episode, along with my name in the credits on screen was a blast, and now I eagerly await the further episodes that I worked on to air.

Currently I am busy at work at Look FX, with some amazing people, working on a few projects. I was a bit circumspect when I first started but after checking that it wasn’t a big deal, and with some IMDB updates posting any time now … I figured it wouldn’t hurt to say whats what.

Primarily I have been working on episodes of the final season of LOST, with 4 aired episodes so far containing shots of mine, which as a fan of the show from the first season, is a real thrill. No I don’t know anything, no I can’t spoil anything. Even with the little that I see while I am working each new episode as it airs, is still a new discovery.

I have also been working on some upcoming episodes of Bones, with my bits airing after they hit the 100 episode milestone next week.

Another show that I have actually followed, so I seem to be on a roll for getting to pitch in however small on shows that I have enjoyed.

All in all I am feeling quite well about the work that I am doing, and the contributions that I am making, something that with all that is going on today, makes me feel quite good about the course that I set for myself years ago. I have managed to get to a point that I have been over the past few years working on projects that are incredible, with great people, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. (knock on wood).

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